West Highland White Terrier Club of Puget Sound

Calendar of Events - 2021

We have discontinued all events until COVID 19 epidemic is under control. We will continue to schedule zoom meetings/events and keep you appraised of upcoming events and reminders via Email

2021 ZOOM Board Meetings Dates this Year - if you are interested in sitting in, please contact Jeannette (under Club Info link - officers) and get invitation link

Jan 20, March 17, May 5, June 30, Sept 29 and Nov 3

January 10

WHWTCOPS Speciality and All Terrier Show Puyallup Fairgrounds 1pm


March 6

Zoom - Starbarks - Pull up a chair, coffee, and lets get together for a chat


June 12

Tentative Fun Daze

July 2

Tentative Dog show Puyallup Cluster

July 24-25

Celtic Kennels King County Fair Grounds - TBD

October 30

Halloween Party ACB - Chairs: Lesley and Jeannette

Dec 4

2021 Christmas BRUNCH - Arnies in Mukilteo
Chair: Linda Gray