West Highland White Terrier Club of Puget Sound

Why We Charge an Adoption Fee


What does one get for their dog Adoption Donation fee $400)? Here are a few items:

It is your donation that enables our ability to rescue Westies in need. We are very grateful for your support, thank you so much. We are also very blessed that the Westie community is so generous with their donations.

Keep in mind that the same adoption donation amount is requested for most all of our dogs even if one dog costs us a great deal more than another while in foster care. Should one dog cost us very little to care for, your donation helps offset the very expensive costs of another dog. The dog you adopted may have cost rescuers way more than a $400 donation fee. For example, the amount of veterinary expenses each dog incurs does NOT affect the amount of donation we ask. Hopefully, when the time comes that we need to spend hundreds of dollars to save a dog's life, then we have the funds to fall back on. We also adjust our adoption fee for special needs dogs.

The bottom line is that even at $400 per dog, we are NEVER making money at this.