West Highland White Terrier Club of Puget Sound

Rescue Contacts

Rescue Contacts

Karin Parish and Victoria Ray

Westie Rescue is a separate entity than the club. We run rescue under Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue (SPDR) and two of our members are Representatives of our breed.


We appreciate that you have timeline and urgency, however we are volunteers. We do contact you as quickly as we can. We need your consideration understanding and flexibility.


Craigslist is a hot button. We cannot demand that someone turns a dog over to rescue. We also refuse to pay for a dog off Craigslist. We become bombarded by emails when someone sees a Westies on Craigslist. Please do not send us links. If you find one, and/or if it is free, then please help us out by contacting the person and suggest he turn it over to rescue, and give them our contact info. You will also get a better response if you do not harass or reprimand the person posting the ad. If you do, all hope is lost. We have had Westies off of Craigslist that were are either from puppymills dumping their sick dogs, or vicious biters and even a stolen Westie!


SPDR has a working relationship with shelters. We are alerted by our SPDR shelter checkers and if there is a Westie at shelter. Because we are part of SPDR, we are posted with every animal control officer and shelter in WA and also several in Oregon. The shelters will gladly hand over any sick Westies to us automatically, or any Westies who are not doing well in the shelter. However, if it is an adoptable Westie, their policy is NOT to hand it over. We are grateful we have a working relationship with the shelters.

Being in the shelter isn't a bad thing. Shelters have to also stay in business. If they cannot gain adoption fees, they go out of business. We need shelters. It is far crueler to abandon a dog in a park or the street. We need the shelters. Don't fret, the dog is never ever euthanized before they contact us.

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To donate money (tax deductable)

  1. Send Check payable to "SPDR-Westies"
    • Mail to: SPDR, PO Box 3523, Redmond, WA 98073-3523
  2. Paypal - Identify Westie Fund

If you would like to volunteer your time, help transport, work in a booth during fund raising events, please contact us.